STLDBT accepts applications and regularly expands staff as we experience steady growth.  We are always looking for experienced DBT therapists to join our team.  Applicants for these contract positions must be licensed mental health professionals trained in DBT and have at least 2 years of applicable DBT experience.  Applicants with less than 2 years of DBT experience or who are willing and able to provide adherent DBT services at a discounted rate to clients on a tighter budget are encouraged to look into our DBT Academy.


St. Louis DBT is dedicated to the effective and adherent dissemination of DBT and other evidence-based therapies to the St. Louis community. Our therapists are each firmly committed to that mission.  Therapists see clients on a contractual basis.  The benefits of this arrangement include flexibility, autonomy, ongoing training and support, extra income, and simplicity.


STLDBT contract therapists see anywhere from 3-20 clients per week, depending on their schedule.  Some clinicians work part-time elsewhere and want enough hours to achieve their income goals. Some want to see a couple clients that fit their specializations better than their 9-5 job. These after 5 times tend to fit with the schedules of our clients as well.


STLDBT contracted therapists are independent contractors NOT employees.  This means other than contractual obligations to provide adherent DBT therapy, there is less oversight and frustrating “office politics.”

Ongoing Training and Support

STLDBT’s founder and CEO, Casey Limmer, is a certified DBT therapist. She teaches DBT and CBT courses at Washington University.  As a team, she and other contractors share their vast experience and knowledge to continuously train and support one another.  In addition to DBT consult team meetings, contractors are encouraged to attend additional DBT trainings to learn new skills or refresh old ones.

Extra Income

Contractors are paid bi-weekly based on fees collected for services they render.  STLDBT takes care of paying for billing software, credit card processing fees, office and group room rental, and basic office supplies. In addition, we provide marketing support through our website and referrals. For those services, STLDBT keeps 40% of fees collected while contractors keep 60%.


At STLDBT, we try to keep the paperwork to a minimum and spend our time focused on our clients.  We do not accept insurance.  We do not answer to grant providers.  We do not provide testimony or go to court. We provide effective therapy to our clients and support each other as we do it.  Simple as that.

Ready to join up? Check to see if you meed our qualifications!

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Counselor or equivalent

  • Completed minimum 2-day introduction training in DBT (peference will be given to those with intensive training or training in doing DBT in individual therapy)

  • Read all DBT manuals by Marsha Linehan and Doing DBT by Kelly Koerner

  • At least 1 year of DBT experience working with at least 3 individual clients and/or 2 rounds of skills group facilitation or co-leading

  • On a DBT consult team or willing and able to join our team and attend weekly (Mondays from 1pm-2:30 or Weds from 9am-10:45am)

Sound like a match so far?  Complete the form below.  Your cover letter and resume may be pasted into the message box or sent separately to casey@stldbt.com. 

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