Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Children


  • Day/Time: Individualized based on the schedule of each family 

  • Cost: $175/90-minute Family session, includes workbooks, materials, between-session coaching

  • Insurance: Documentation provided to file for out-of-network reimbursement

  • Status: Accepting participants now

  • Information: Email Bridget Kiely

Kids with intense emotions are “Super Sensors”. They have a super power that allows them to be more empathic, creative, and intuitive than most kids their age. This super power, when not under their control, can wreak havoc — causing emotional meltdowns, acting out, and torn-up families. Much like Elsa in the Disney movie, Frozen, they will learn that the philosophy of “conceal, don’t feel” does NOT work, but with the help of loving and supportive family, they can learn to control and even harness their great energy!


Parents of Super Sensors need to be Super Parents, but none of us are born with a super parent cape. We need support and training to become what our Super Sensor kids need from us. There is no shame in that.

The best way to teach our children that there is always room to grow and improve is to model that growth. In this program, children and parents learn to improve emotional coping skills side-by-side.

A typical course of this program lasts 32 weeks and includes weekly 90 minute sessions with parent and child. We offer orientation sessions prior to committing to the program. This is an evidence-based program shown to drastically reduce behavioral problems in highly emotional children and to improve the functioning and overall health and wellbeing of the family unit.

St. Louis DBT is the ONLY program in the St. Louis area with clinicians that are intensively trained in DBT-C.