Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:
on purpose
in the present moment
non judgmentally
to things as they are.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn
Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Viktor Frankl


Welcome to the Mindful Way Through Depression and Anxiety.  We are excited you will be a part of the class. On this page, you will find audios for guided meditations, homework assignments, handouts and more.


Wednesday Group

Group: Wednesdays, September 19 – November 28, excluding Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Retreat:  Saturday, November 3

Beautiful Day Location:  Kellogg Park Shelter, Maplewood, 9 am to 5 pm
Backup Location: My Home


Week 9

Silent meditation or with music 20 minutes at least two days and at least 10 minutes four days
Do three mindful activities this week
Create added space between stimulus & response using skills presented in class
Journal five pleasurable moments each day
Read Chapter 11 – The Mindfulness Program and Your Life: Bringing It All Together

Week 8

Meditation - Do the Rain of Compassion meditation at least twice. Do the meditation of your choice up to four days.

Notice a thought you decide on in class. Be prepared to share your experience in class next week.

Use RAIN — Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nourish — curiosity, questions and beginner’s mind to create space. Be prepared to discuss next week.

Do three daily activities mindfully.

Read Chapter 10

Retreat Meditations

Letting Go (background music & slides)
Letting Go (transcript)
Meditation on Self-Forgiveness
Walking Meditation on Loving Kindness
Opening Your Heart
Loving Kindness

Week 7

Mindful Listening - Jack Kornfield - Stories We Tell

Week 6

Meditation - Each of the meditations below is nine minutes. Please do one each day in order. After you open the link, click on the box that says “meditation.” Then scroll down to the audio.

Thursday – Meditation on Positive Emotions
Friday – Meditation on Difficult Emotions
Saturday – Meditation on Working with Thoughts
Sunday – Meditation on Working with Challenges
Monday – Meditation on Changing Emotions

Notice where your emotions arise either as body sensations or thoughts, name the emotion and sit with primary emotions. Notice the urge to go “down the rabbit hole” of thinking about the emotion. If you find yourself in the rabbit hole, just notice and bring yourself back to the present moment.

Do two activities mindfully each day.

Pick 3-4 core beliefs and complete the “Sometimes” worksheet for those beliefs. Be prepared to discuss next week.

Read Chapter 8

Week 5

Mindful Standing Yoga (20 min), Floor Yoga (22 min) or Chair Yoga (15 min)  at least two days. Mindful or restorative yoga of your choice other days.

Notice primary emotions and when you have the urge to go down the rabbit hole of secondary emotions (e.g., thinking about your primary emotions)

Choose two activities to practice mindfully every day all week

Read Chapter 7 – Befriending our Feelings

Week 4

Practice silent sitting meditation with distracting background sounds at least twice this week. Choose your distracting sound from coffee shopairport or city street.  Set a timer for 20 minutes and notice your breath. When your mind is distracted by thoughts or judgments, bring your attention back to your breath. Avoid judging yourself or the sounds as pleasant or unpleasant.

Use a 10 minute guided meditation of your choosing or silent meditation no more than four days this week.

Notice using the cognitive distortions that make you most miserable. Come to group next week with examples.

Do two new mindful activities daily this week.

Read Chapter 6 (if you haven’t already), Reconnecting with Our Feelings—Those We Like, Those We Don’t Like, and Those We Don’t Know We Have

Week 3 – Home Practice

Meditation on Sound (end at 20 min) at least two days and Radical Acceptance (14 minutes) or silent sitting meditation no more than four days

Count your go-to cognitive distortion at least three days of your choice. Record daily totals.

Choose two activities to practice mindfully every day this week

Read Chapter 6 & handouts

Week 2 – Home Practice

Sitting Meditation (end at 18:20) at least two days or Sitting Meditation – Gateway to Presence (11 min) no more than four days

Count pleasurable moments at least three days of your choice. Record daily totals.

Choose one activity to practice mindfully every day this week (something you would do anyway)

Read Chapter – Chapter 4-5

Week 1 – Home Practice

Meditate daily doing Body Scan for Beginners
 (30 minutes) at least two days and Body Scan – Living Presence (11 min) no more than four days.  Record your body sensations, thoughts, emotions and urges.

Count self judgments three days of your choice.Record daily totals.

Choose one activity to practice mindfully every day this week (something you would do anyway).  Check off whether you did it mindfully each daily.

Read Chapters 1-3 (optional)

Review handouts in your notebook

Finish tracking depression & anxiety symptoms