Jenny Thurber

Assessment Specialist, Therapist

Jenny Thurber, MS, NCC

Hello!  I am both St. Louis DBT’s intake and assessment specialist as well as one of the team’s clinical therapists, and I very much so look forward to speaking with you soon.  I am extremely proud to be a member of the St. Louis DBT team, and feel honored to work alongside some of who I consider to be the best clinicians in the state. In addition to answering all of your calls and inquiries into our beloved practice and ensuring that you are connected with a therapist who will meet your needs, I also treat individuals who come to us with struggles related to disordered eating, substance abuse, and other related disorders that are addictive in nature.

I began my career in the field while I was working on my Master’s degree and living on the Eastern shore of Alabama in a little town called Fairhope. I first began working with individuals with substance use disorders and eating disorders then on the involuntary unit of a psychiatric hospital, and I always felt such a strong connection with these clients who on a cognitive level knew their behaviors were unhealthy, yet they couldn’t seem to stop. This was so intriguing to me, which is why I decided to open my private practice Clearview Counseling Services, LLC just after graduating with my degree, focusing on clients who unbeknownst to them had a distorted perception of themselves, leading to subsequent self-destructive behaviors.

To make an appointment with me, please call 314-932-7415 or click here.