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Our Fees


STLDBT attempts to make our services fit almost every budget by recruiting talented, caring therapists with different levels of experience, training, and licensure. We offer a few slots at $30 per session with a Master’s level intern. Fees run up to $150 per session for a nationally certified DBT therapist.

Within this range, each STLDBT therapist sets their own fees based on their experience, training, and licensure.  Fees also vary depending on whether you are seeking individual, family or couples therapy.

Most of the Benefits, Far Fewer Headaches: Filing Out-Of-Network Insurance

St Louis DBT believes in empowering clients to choose the level and duration of their own treatment. We also believe that a therapist’s time is better spent working with their clients and researching best practices rather than spending hours on the phone negotiating with insurance companies. Given this, we made the decision to be an out-of-network provider.

You will have online access to your billing statement showing all the required information needed to obtain out-of-network benefits.  Basically, your insurance company will reimburse you a percentage of what you are paying for services.

To find out whether your insurance offers out-of-network reimbursements for therapy services and how much (what percentage) they pay, take a look at this quick and easy guide with questions to ask your insurance company.  We would be happy to assist you with this call if it poses a barrier to your treatment.

Five Reasons You Benefit From Out-of-Network

ONE:  The insurance company cannot dictate how many sessions you get. That choice remains with you and your therapist

TWO:  The insurance company does not get your private health information (other than a diagnosis, dates of service and type of service).

THREE: Often the out-of-pocket expense is nearly the same or sometimes even less than what you would have to pay in deductibles and co-pays for an in-network provider

FOUR: Many people get their reimbursement check from the insurance company before they even have to pay the balance on the credit card they use at time of service!

FIVE:  Since your therapist is not spending hours a week on the phone with your insurance company, they are able to dedicate their time and talents to serving YOU.  The therapist is able to use that time to research best practices and fresh interventions, be attentive and responsive to you, and more focused on you rather than fighting with insurance companies to get paid.

Scholarships for Therapy

You can request a partial scholarship to help you pay your therapist’s fee. Scholarships are set up for a limited period of time (typically 3 months) and renewal is based on progress toward treatment goals. So the harder you work at healing, the more likely your scholarship will be renewed.

Each therapist determines whether a scholarship will be offered (each therapist has a limited number of scholarships), how much the scholarship will be, how long it will be offered and whether it will be renewed.

Your therapist will ask you some basic questions about what you can afford and if you have out-of-network health insurance benefits.  Scholarships will take into account how much your insurance company will reimburse you for out of network benefits. We have put together a guide with the questions you need to ask your insurance company.

Each therapist has differing numbers of scholarships available. There may be times when no scholarships are left in which case you will be offered a spot on our waiting list. While we cannot guarantee we can accommodate everyone, we do our best to make therapy as affordable as possible.

Skills Groups

Skills groups cost $45-$50 per session for individuals, $75-90 per class for families (teen and a caregiver) and $120 per class for couples.  When you sign up for a skills group, you are committing to a “course” of classes — a certain number of sessions (typically 6-8) regardless of whether you attend or not, We have a very limited number of scholarships available for groups through our Guardian Angels Project.

Payment at Time of Service

Payment for therapy is made at each session unless other arrangements are made in advance with your therapist.  We accept cash. debit and credit cards. Most sessions are 50-55 minutes long.


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